Wednesday, September 1, 2010


“Answering the following questions will determine your eligibility for hire.”

It was a rather intimidating statement. Answer them right, and you’re eligible to be hired. Answer them wrong, and it’s bye-bye applicant.

Question 1: Who has the right of way?

A) Bus Drivers courteously yield the right of way.

B) Bus Drivers always have the right of way.

C) What the heck is right of way.

D) Who cares.

Question 2: Do you understand the term, traffic flow?

A) Yes, and I try to match it whenever it is safe to do so.

B) Yes, but Bus Drivers don’t have to pay any attention to it.

C) Traffic flow, schmaffic flow.

D) Who cares.

Question 3: How often should you be considerate of other drivers?

A) Bus Drivers should always be considerate of other drivers and pedestrians.

B) Bus Drivers are not required to be considerate of other drivers and pedestrians.

C) Too many syllables in the word, considerate.

D) Who cares.

Question 4: What do the lines on streets mean?

A) Designation of lanes of traffic and walkways.

B) Bus Drivers don’t need to color within the lines.

C) There are lines on the streets?

D) Who cares.

Question 5: Should Bus Drivers wait for passengers running to catch the bus?

A) Absolutely. A few more seconds waiting won’t matter and the passenger will really appreciate it.

B) Never. When a Bus Driver’s gotta go, he or she has gotta go.

C) Running is good for people and they should do more of it.

D) Who cares.

Based upon the driving behavior of way too many bus drivers, any answer other than “A” would apparently make them eligible for hire.

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