Wednesday, September 8, 2010


“I hate Christians,” was his opening salvo. “Especially those ‘born-again’ Christians. They’re the most hateful, mean-spirited, racist, homophobic, close-minded, judgemental a$s#o1es I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. Why don’t they just all die and go live in their heaven and just leave the rest of us alone. Man, I just hate them.”

He continued on his screed for about a half-hour, blaming Christians for just about everything he considered wrong in the world, past and present.

Global warming? The Christians caused it.

Wars? From Cain and Able through the Crusades to the present conflicts around the world, the Christians were behind them.

AIDS? A Christian plot to wipe out gay people.

Poverty and hunger? Greedy Christians.

Slavery? Lazy Christians.

The Conservatives’ Tea Party? Racist Christians who want to take over the country.

The obesity epidemic? You got it, gluttonous Christians.

Capitalism? Ignorant Christians who just don’t understand how Socialism works.

On and on he went. So full of vitriol I couldn’t help wondering what Christian had hurt him so deeply as to cause such animus.

Eventually his buddy got him talking about cars and his conversation mellowed a bit. At least until he remembered that Christians were responsible for the high costs of auto parts and repair. And then his rant continued.

Eventually they left, much to the apparent relief of most of those around him in the bookstore.

I watched as he backed out of his parking space, and got close enough for me to read the most prominent bumper sticker on his car. It stated simply:

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