Thursday, September 9, 2010


“Oh geez, E,” she sighed with resignation, “do you have to fart in the car?”

Having just finished reading Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues, and feeling a bit smart-ish (yes, that can be a word), I responded, “Well, according to Ben Franklin, I’m to let all things have their places, and let each part of my business have its time.”

She looked at me … actually, she gave me that look … and said, “You’re saying Ben Franklin told you to fart in the car? Really?”

“Well-l-l-l, no. But in my defense, I didn’t think it would be so fetid.”

Okay. So it wasn’t a defense, and I should have had a semblance of consideration for her, and not squeezed cheese in a small enclosure, but …

It reminded me of when one of my daughters asked, “Do bunnies fart?”

Rabbit farting

I’m sure I gave her some sort of creative, funny and perhaps marginally accurate answer, but the right answer is, of course, yes.

People fart. Bunnies fart. Cows fart. Heck, even women have been known to gently and genteelly pass wind.

But I was surprised to learn that the worst offender of flailing flatulence is … termites. With billions of the insects around the world, eating 24/7, that means they’re also manufacturing methane gas and expelling it into the atmosphere and contributing to the global warming concern. It’s just one more reason to be concerned about termites invading your home.

So now you have a little tidbit to throw into the middle of a boring conversation at that next dinner party you have to attend. Aa-a-and, you’re welcome.

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