Thursday, May 13, 2010


I’ve been using it and eating it for years. It is as much a utilitarian tool as it is a tantalizing treat. Some have said it has no redeeming value, that it’s an empty food not worth the time, money or energy it takes to eat it. But obviously, those are the kind of people who probably think that gruel-covered garden slugs with Tabasco® sauce are mouthwatering delicacies. Others have decried its use as a multi-tool of sorts, simply because it tends to be so disposable after each use.

But consider just some of its many uses before condemning this humble and handy helper.

It makes a great nail holder when you really want to avoid smashing your thumb again.

It works marvelously as a toe-separator when putting on nail polish.

It stands in as a stain-preventer by plugging the tip of an ice-cream cone, thereby avoiding the drips that can ruin your clothes.

It was used as a psychology researcher’s test at Stanford University, to determine the effects of immediate versus delayed gratification.

It serves well as a boredom avoidance device by playing numerous games and challenges with it.

It has been effectively and entertainingly used by a physics teacher to calculate the speed of light.

It has provided comfort as a temporary pillow.

It is a simple but appreciated candle holder, especially of birthday candles on cake.

I’ve watched it used in a good game of checkers.

And those are just some of its non-food uses.

As to its uses in foods, well, no one really knows the many ways it has been used.

But my top two favorites are simply raw or fire-roasted.

And at only twenty-five calories each, I can thoroughly enjoy four of them and not blow any eating plan.

From individually hand-formed to commercially mass-produced, they are good 99% of the time.

And my favorite brand? Kraft® Jet-Puffed® Marshmallows.

Hmmmmmmmm, fire-roasted marshmallows.

Sorry. Gotta go build a fire now.


  1. mm sounds tasty.

    One of my favorite food uses: mini marshmallows, chocolate chips (semi-sweet), and pb on bread. Grilled or not.

  2. Really? Some guy used it to teach about the speed of light? Or did you just make that up?
    And how could you not mention S'mores?? Roast that mallow, let it melt some Hershey's chocolate on a fresh graham cracker ... now that's some Hmmmmmmm!!

  3. Brian's NightMay 13, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    I agree with CampinKarl. How could you not mention s'mores. cuz once you has one you just gotta have s'more.