Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In the “out of the mouths of babes” department, comes the answer to the age-old question on how to rid the world of hate.

“Just get rid of the letter ‘e’,” she said without hesitation.

“That was a very quick answer, Leslie,” the teacher said. “Any other suggestions?”

I thought Leslie’s teacher dismissed her answer a bit too quickly. After all, with the stroke of a good eraser, no one would ever again be subjected to, “I hate you.” Instead, everyone could get a little chuckle when in a fit of anger someone would scream, “I hat you!” At least, I would chuckle.

And there are more possibilities for ridding the world of some other maladies. Evil would disappear. Ego would simply go. “Rates” of interest would be more aptly described as “rats” of interest. We could celebrate the demise of greed. And a lot of men would be happy to trade having to share their “feelings” with women for simply having “flings” with women.

Of course, there is also the down side of getting rid of the letter “e”. Many would weep over the loss of beer and beef. In the cold of winter, we would have to settle for turning up the hat, since heat would be gone. And everybody I know would really prefer looking through panes of glass rather than pans of glass.

Some things of course wouldn’t really change that much. For example, a txt mssg would still be a txt mssg.

I know what you’re thinking. If we took Leslie’s advice, her name would just be Lsli and “Mr. E” would just be “Mr.” No longer could we shout “Eureka!” upon some great discovery. Instead we would have to be content with “Urka!” which sounds more like some kind of whale than an exclamation.

My point to this post? Nothing but silliness. Sometimes, after the end of a particularly hard day, silliness is the best medicine.

Anyway, it’s tim to go to bd and gt som wll-arnd slp.

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  1. particularly a fan of flings over feelings....