Thursday, July 1, 2010


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A number of years ago, my eldest daughter gave me a gift that still hangs on the wall of my office. She gave it to me, thinking I was going to be a writer. In the interest of transparency, I have to admit that the reason she thought I was going to be a writer was because I was always telling my family that, well, I’m going to be a writer.

Of course, at the time she gave me that gift, I was actually struggling with being a writer. This, despite having earned awards for writing (newspaper stuff) and poetry, and having had a business that included ad and copy writing among its services.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you, her gift to me …

“writing is the process one follows to learn what is already known deep within:

it sharpens the spirit, disciplines the mind and leads to solutions.

in the spaces between words and solitude observe what happens when words and silence meet.

words matter.

pay attention.

write to learn what you know.”

The author is Mary Anne Radmacher. And yes, it is copyrighted.

I’ve never met the woman, but I really like her writing and her artistic rendition of what she writes.

Her stuff can be found at:

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