Monday, May 24, 2010


Over this weekend, I had about a dozen things on my to-do list. I got all but two of them done, and a few extras that were not on the list, also done. And it felt good.

But as I prepared for bed, I found myself worrying a bit about the tasks left undone. So I started to plan for the next day, making sure that I included those undone tasks at the top of the priority list. My tomorrow seemed all in order and ready to tackle. And it felt good.

As I began to drift off into sleep, I was thinking about all that I would get done tomorrow.

I was planned, I was prepared, I was pumped for the morrow. But just as the last flicker of awareness was fading into restful sleep, WHAM !

But what about today? I had yet to give appreciation for all the good things that happened today. Yes, there were the dozen and a half projects that I checked off my list, but weekends, and life itself, is more than things done.

There was the laughter I shared with my wife over some silly remark. There were the hugs I got from my daughters. There was the new tidbit I learned about cooking onions (they’re better sautéed in butter than oil). There was the gift we gave to our pastor and his wife (I assume quite unexpectedly on their part). There was the cool breeze on a near-90-degree day, that felt so-o-o-o-o-o good. There were the girls down the block selling lemonade that we didn’t really need, since we had our full water bottles in the car, but we bought nonetheless because it’s never too early to support young capitalists. There was that parking space right near the store’s front door that blessed us. And so much more.

As I began giving thanks for all the good things that happened over the weekend, I felt more and more relaxed and good about life.

Yes, to-do lists are an essential tool for the accomplishments of living, but equally important are the to-thank lists. May yours be at least twice as long as your to-dos.

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