Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Thousands of helicopters landed in our back yard today.

Although we’re accustomed to seeing a lot during the annual event, today’s sighting was almost overwhelming. Mostly tan with some green ones thrown in, there were quite literally thousands that packed the landing site.

Oh, not the man-made helicopters. The seeds that fall from the maple trees, blown into an acrobatic frenzy at times, but mostly pirouetting gently into the soft blades of green grass.

When I was a kid, I would gather handfuls of them and throw them into the air, just to watch them spin back to the earth. The worries of the world didn’t matter. I lived in that moment, full of the wonder and joy of the annual spectacle.

And suddenly I found myself running around the back yard, gathering handful after handful of nature’s helicopters and throwing them by the hundreds back into the air to watch them flutter back to the earth.

For a moment again, I lost sight of the worries of the world and lived in that childlike innocence of joy.

Let us never forget to engage those moments, no matter how old or mature we get, or burdened by the things of this world. Throw up your arms, give a shout of “whoa” or “cool” and at least for a few minutes, jump in the jubilation of your youth.

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