Monday, April 26, 2010


A bachelor friend of mine recently stopped over at my home to pick up a computer he had dropped off for me to turn into a clean and lean computing machine. (And how do you use a computer in today’s online environment and not have basic firewall and anti-virus protection??)

Anyway, we talked for a bit and then, on his way out he asks, “How do you keep your home so clean?”

I’ve been to Ray’s condo and I can safely tell you that it will never make Good Housekeeping Magazine. I’m not sure who’s winning: the mildew colonies that keep growing in his bathroom or the dust bunnies who keep multiplying all over his place. I don’t think he knows what the original color of his kitchen linoleum is. Nor do I think he knows that the glass in his windows is not frosted. And I’m not sure but I think I saw a tiny little sign outside his back door that said, “Condemned. Not fit for cockroach habitation.”

So when he asked me how I keep my home so clean, the only thing I could think of saying was …

“We … Clean it.”


  1. an eclectic chalkboard readerApril 26, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    ... though there are so many who don't know what "clean it" means... like. how often? what product do you use? when do you clean versus just putting things away? how often do you really have to dust your fans? I'm just saying... cleanliness appears to not come naturally to so many people....

  2. Some of us don't have time to "clean" and so it just gets away from us until it's too late.
    and like the commentor above said, "how often? what do you use? etc."